How it Works

Part One

Our first video serves as an introduction to the root cause of our current unsustainable fiscal path and outlines an easy solution. Congressional mishandling of the money we all pay into social retirement plans results in a 12:1 waste factor. By switching to a sustainable system and using a portion of these funds to invest in ownership in the economy, we can reverse the current course, pay off the national debt, and provide a robust economy for our children and grandchildren.

Part Two

Part two of our video series outlines the inequity of cost shifting that occurs in current healthcare trends. Unfair financial burdens on small businesses and the self-employed keep the young and healthy from participating in health insurance pools, which stymies any healthcare reform initiatives. Why should they participate when they are forced to bear the brunt of the load? The retirement plan method can alleviate this by enabling each worker’s Medicare withholdings to fully cover that worker. No more cost shifting!

Part Three

The ER solution converts our currently unfunded promises from a deadbeat Congress into funded investments for our retirement portfolio. If we switch tracks from the ineffectual Transfer Payment Method, which burdens our economy with a 12:1 waste factor, to the proven safe and successful Retirement Plan Method, we can change our nation’s path from decline to prosperity and provide a secure and fruitful future for our children and grandchildren.

Hey, Where’s the Other Hand?

By Davis Jackson, CPA

What this book does for you:

Faith: shows how God’s economic principles can immediately solve our unsustainable fiscal path.

Family: shows how we can rescue our children and grandchildren from this crushing debt.

Finances: shows how we can put a million dollars in every family’s retirement accounts and launch sustained economic growth.

Freedom: shows how we can make Washington obey the consent of the governed.