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110618 EV update on Cruz vs. Beto

Early voting results in Comal County, TX.

2012 U.S. Senate …   Ted Cruz         38k,   Paul Sadler     11k,   Other 2k

2014 TX Governor …   Greg Abbott     27k,   Wendy Davis     7k,   Other 1k

2016 U.S. President … Donald Trump 45k,   Hillary Clinton 14k,   Other 3k

2018 U.S. Senate …     Ted Cruz         35k,   Beto O’Rourke 13k, Other   –

Well, Cruz pretty much …

110618 update on Cruz vs. Beto

Here are the early voting totals and some voting history in Comal County, TX.

2012 U.S. Senate …   Ted Cruz       38k,    Paul Sadler    11k,   Other 2k

2014 TX Governor …  Greg Abbott    27k,   Wendy Davis    7k,   Other 1k

2016 U.S. President … Donald Trump 45k,   Hillary Clinton 14k,   Other 3k

2018 U.S. Senate …     Ted Cruz               ,   Beto …

103118 Birthright Citizenship

Well, there is at least an argument to be made that the executive power might include defining the jurisdiction of the United States. Remember, that’s the second condition of birthright citizenship in the 14th Amendment – to be born or naturalized in the United States   AND   subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

“Prosecutorial discretion” was the …

102418 Centrist

The term “centrist” came up in a wonderful column by Georgie Anne Geyer recently, to describe those who are moderate and pragmatic rather than rabid partisans of either political extreme – left or right.

I think a good, practical, working definition of “centrist” is this: let’s say that policy-wise, we each have a “home team” …

101518 Civics Lesson: peaceably

We’ve heard a lot of chatter from the talking heads lately, proclaiming that the behavior of the Resistance is protected under the 1st Amendment right to protest.

Here’s a civics lesson for you thugs in the mob.

The 1st Amendment protects the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a …

092218 update on Cruz vs. Beto

Two weeks ago the yard-sign count in my neighborhood was 19-8 for Beto.  I knew Beto had started putting them out earlier than Cruz, but that still felt like an unusually large number of Beto signs.  Today I took another census and it’s now 34-27 for Cruz.

I still get the sense of much greater …

091918 Proper response re: Kavanaugh

The Democrat Party is on record as declaring that a man using { gun + nudity + threat } in an attempt to obtain sexual favors from a woman … does NOT rise to the level of sexual harassment and does NOT disqualify that man from holding high office.

That’s the judge’s ruling in the …

091018 Treason if you lie to us

Here’s another way we can introduce discipline into the political process and hold elected officials accountable. Let’s tell them in advance that if they do not keep their campaign promises, we will prosecute them for treason.

The reasoning is that since campaign promises equal the consent of the governed for the victor, then breaking their …

090618 Ted Cruz may be trailing Beto

This is just anecdotal evidence, but here it is. Beto started putting out yard signs around here weeks ago. Now Cruz signs are going up. So today I drove around the neighborhood area where I go walking and got an actual count of each campaign’s yard signs. Several blocks in each direction around my …

082818 Equal protection, yet again

The proof just keeps on coming! If making false statements is such a big deal to DOJ, FBI, media, et. al., particularly in the context of a Presidential election where the outcome might be affected … then why didn’t they rebuke and prosecute Obama, Clinton and all the Democrats for making false statements in …