190215 Kaepernick

Just saw the story about Kaepernick settling w/ NFL. My creative juices are flowing today, so I thought I’d chime in with my two bits.

Yes, he’s got physical talent. But …………….. an owner also has to consider his leadership and his actual track record.

He took over in mid-season for a 49’ers team that had …

190215 Super Bowl was thrilling!

Several commentators have said they thought this low-scoring Super Bowl was boring and one of the worst ever.

Well, I found it thrilling.

Now, there have been a few low-scoring Super Bowls that I didn’t enjoy, where two unimaginative, plodding teams just looked inept on offense. But that’s not what happened here, as I see it. …

060318 Marriage

Thinking about marriage today.  Our son got married yesterday, and we’re two weeks away from our own 40th wedding anniversary.  When people ask how we did it, I like to answer “true love” and “pure stubbornness”, and my wife adds “grace”!

True love, including the love of Christ, to hold us together.

Pure stubbornness, to keep …

060218 Tariffs and trade war

Seems like another chorus of Blame America!  As best I can determine from online search, other countries’ tariffs range from slightly higher than US tariffs to sharply higher.  So if one country having higher tariffs than another constitutes a trade war … then why wasn’t it described as a trade war when their tariffs …