Prosecutorial Insanity

190507 Obstructing Justice?

{ gasping breathlessly, giddy with excitement and also filled with righteous indignation, our intrepid reporter reveals … } HUNDREDS of Federal prosecutors agree that Trump’s conduct qualifies as obstructing justice!

Okay, so their rule is that Trump bad-mouthing and wanting to remove Mueller qualifies as obstructing justice.

Being Federal prosecutors, we can count on them …

082018 DEMs secret plan to make Hillary President

I had initially held off a day or so after writing the first draft of this, a cooling-off period while I reflected on it.  It’s pretty incendiary stuff.  Then I read about Cohen pleading guilty to an excessive campaign contribution and I realized that in the face of Prosecutorial Insanity (see ERpundit 08/21/18), I’d …

082118 Prosecutorial insanity

Sometimes stuff happens that is just so impossibly stupid and self-contradictory, I am dumbfounded that actual people took it seriously.  Today is one of those days.

Cohen pleading guilty to having made an excessive campaign contribution is one of those things.  He got reimbursed for those payments.  So even if it is “deemed” to have …