190227 Republicans selectively interpret Constitution to bash Trump

The Republicans who voted for the resolution of disapproval in the House are selectively interpreting the Constitution in order to bash Trump.

Yes, the Constitution gives Congress the power of appropriations.

Is that the entirety of the Constitution? Is there nothing more that pertains to the subject?

Well, gee, maybe kinda sorta there could be a …

190215 Flouting Separation of Powers? WTF?

Linda Chavez takes Mr. Trump to task in today’s Townhall.com for “flouting separation of powers” by declaring the national emergency.


C’mon, Linda. He’s not seizing power as a dictator, for crying out loud! He’s faithfully executing the laws enacted by Congress (i.e., the National Emergencies Act which authorizes the President to declare a national emergency; …

010819 Common ground

Well, I’m sure it will surprise them to learn this, but Chuck and Nancy provided the common ground that can lead to a solution. They said we shouldn’t harm innocent people over a policy disagreement. Exactly. Trump agrees.

There are two categories of innocents being harmed. In Category (D), some federal employees and recipients of …

103118 Birthright Citizenship

Well, there is at least an argument to be made that the executive power might include defining the jurisdiction of the United States. Remember, that’s the second condition of birthright citizenship in the 14th Amendment – to be born or naturalized in the United States   AND   subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

“Prosecutorial discretion” was the …

050718 Immigration: the love story and framework for the solution

Most details of the solution will come in a future post.  Today we’ll describe the love story and the framework for the solution.  Picture the predominant lifestyle of mankind as being passengers on a ship called Poverty, which is sinking.  There is a rescue ship available, called Prosperity, but to reach it we must …