102418 Centrist

The term “centrist” came up in a wonderful column by Georgie Anne Geyer recently, to describe those who are moderate and pragmatic rather than rabid partisans of either political extreme – left or right.

I think a good, practical, working definition of “centrist” is this: let’s say that policy-wise, we each have a “home team” …

101518 Civics Lesson: peaceably

We’ve heard a lot of chatter from the talking heads lately, proclaiming that the behavior of the Resistance is protected under the 1st Amendment right to protest.

Here’s a civics lesson for you thugs in the mob.

The 1st Amendment protects the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a …

053118 Open letter to liberals, progressives, et. al.

I’d like for us to find common ground.  It ought to be possible.  We’ve got big challenges facing our country, and we’ll find solutions better-cheaper-faster if we work together.

Would ya’ll please try to look at things from our perspective, to at least understand our viewpoint and why we think and act the way we …

050518 I think we don’t really hate each other

We certainly fight with each other, no question about that.  But I think it’s not out of hatred.  When Washington offers us just two options (such as Raise Taxes / Cut Benefits), and both are painful, then we choose up sides and fight like hell to make sure the pain gets put on the …