051918 More on guns and schools

Learned yesterday that in Texas we have eight thousand school campuses, and 19,000 National Guard members.  So my earlier thought of activating the National Guard in shifts throughout the school year to guard our schools … won’t be a complete solution.

Going in that direction still seems fruitful, we’d just have to augment them with …

051018 Guns at school: what can work

Well, having shot down the idea of banning guns by pointing out that a black market would just spring up in guns – as it did in booze and drugs, and as the Left insists it would in abortions – we now feel obliged to suggest a solution.

Okay, here’s something that has a pretty …

050618 Gun controllers: why do you push a policy that you KNOW will not work?

When we banned booze in Prohibition, a black market sprang up in booze.  Banning booze didn’t work.

When we banned drugs, a black market sprang up in drugs.  Banning drugs hasn’t worked.

When we suggest banning abortion, the gun-controllers (who tend be the same folks who support abortion) insist that banning abortion won’t work because a …