050618 Gun controllers: why do you push a policy that you KNOW will not work?

When we banned booze in Prohibition, a black market sprang up in booze.  Banning booze didn’t work.

When we banned drugs, a black market sprang up in drugs.  Banning drugs hasn’t worked.

When we suggest banning abortion, the gun-controllers (who tend be the same folks who support abortion) insist that banning abortion won’t work because a …

050518 I think we don’t really hate each other

We certainly fight with each other, no question about that.  But I think it’s not out of hatred.  When Washington offers us just two options (such as Raise Taxes / Cut Benefits), and both are painful, then we choose up sides and fight like hell to make sure the pain gets put on the …

042918 Probable cause: FBI actions don’t match their words

This is the third of the three “dead giveaways” that raised a red flag for me about this “investigation”.  The first two dead giveaways were the lack of a crime and the lack of motive.  Now, let’s look at the FBI’s behavior and see if their actions match their words.

Would people who fit THIS …