190522 Deprivation of rights under color of law

Well, there IS a crime involved in denying equal protection of the law. It’s “Deprivation of rights under color of law”, described in 18 USC 242 as willfully denying a person any Constitutional right while acting or purporting to act as a governmental official.

The investigators, prosecutors and Congress all denied equal protection of …

190519 Concerned about Russian interference?

Saw a clip of former FBI attorney James Baker explain their behavior in an interview Friday by claiming, “We were focused on what the Russians were up to, why they were doing it, how they were doing it.”

It made me realize that my analysis of the investigators’ denial of equal protection has mainly been …

190507 Obstructing Justice?

{ gasping breathlessly, giddy with excitement and also filled with righteous indignation, our intrepid reporter reveals … } HUNDREDS of Federal prosecutors agree that Trump’s conduct qualifies as obstructing justice!

Okay, so their rule is that Trump bad-mouthing and wanting to remove Mueller qualifies as obstructing justice.

Being Federal prosecutors, we can count on them …

190303 Hillary Clinton: ventriloquist’s dummy or real person?

That’s the question you must answer in order to understand the 2016 Presidential election: “Is Hillary Clinton just a ventriloquist’s dummy? Or is she a real person?”

Perhaps a bit of context needs to be provided.

563,000 Ohioans and 340,000 Pennsylvanians who voted for Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, did NOT vote for …

190227 Republicans selectively interpret Constitution to bash Trump

The Republicans who voted for the resolution of disapproval in the House are selectively interpreting the Constitution in order to bash Trump.

Yes, the Constitution gives Congress the power of appropriations.

Is that the entirety of the Constitution? Is there nothing more that pertains to the subject?

Well, gee, maybe kinda sorta there could be a …

190221 25th Amendment hoorah

I’m not upset that some of the boys and girls at FBI, DOJ, et. al. had conversations about using the 25th Amendment. I think that’s within their rights. It could fit into the category of subordinates worrying about whether they have been or will be given an unlawful order, and what they should do …

190215 Kaepernick

Just saw the story about Kaepernick settling w/ NFL. My creative juices are flowing today, so I thought I’d chime in with my two bits.

Yes, he’s got physical talent. But …………….. an owner also has to consider his leadership and his actual track record.

He took over in mid-season for a 49’ers team that had …

190215 Super Bowl was thrilling!

Several commentators have said they thought this low-scoring Super Bowl was boring and one of the worst ever.

Well, I found it thrilling.

Now, there have been a few low-scoring Super Bowls that I didn’t enjoy, where two unimaginative, plodding teams just looked inept on offense. But that’s not what happened here, as I see it. …

190215 Flouting Separation of Powers? WTF?

Linda Chavez takes Mr. Trump to task in today’s Townhall.com for “flouting separation of powers” by declaring the national emergency.


C’mon, Linda. He’s not seizing power as a dictator, for crying out loud! He’s faithfully executing the laws enacted by Congress (i.e., the National Emergencies Act which authorizes the President to declare a national emergency; …

012919 Equal protection, new verse

Couple of items have popped up lately in the equal protection category.

First, the notion that Trump pulling out of Syria makes him a Russian agent, so the FBI should investigate THAT. Hmmmm. So the FBI thinks that providing no opposition to Syria makes you a Russian agent, eh?

Well, then, where are the investigations of …