190519 Concerned about Russian interference?

190519 Concerned about Russian interference?

Saw a clip of former FBI attorney James Baker explain their behavior in an interview Friday by claiming, “We were focused on what the Russians were up to, why they were doing it, how they were doing it.”

It made me realize that my analysis of the investigators’ denial of equal protection has mainly been from the viewpoint of how they treated the campaigns. Occasionally I’ve pointed out how the FBI actions did not match their words. With this statement from Baker, we can show the denial of equal protection quite plainly.

Concerned about what the Russians were doing to interfere in our elections, were they? Well, they had ACTUAL FREAKING KNOWLEDGE (Steele dossier) that the Russians were feeding information to the Clinton campaign, who in turn was feeding it to the Obama administration, who in turn was using it to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, then using the “take” from that spying to damage Trump.

For crying out loud, the FBI was PAYING the middleman (Steele) who was delivering the information from the Russians to the Clinton campaign! The FBI was using that Russian information in FISA warrant applications! They had ACTUAL FREAKING KNOWLEDGE that the Russians were feeding information to the Clinton campaign in order to damage Trump!

So if they were concerned about Russian interference in our elections … then they would have investigated this activity, too, right? The Russians feeding information to one campaign for the purpose of damaging the other campaign, right? Anyone genuinely concerned about Russian interference would have investigated this.

As we’ve often seen earlier, there are some key words left out of their statements. For example, the Susan Rice email about Obama telling everyone to “do it by the book.” Except there are clearly TWO books – one telling the FBI to give Democrats a free pass, and one telling the FBI to drop the hammer on Republicans.

Likewise here. The FBI clearly were not concerned with ALL Russian interference in our elections; just the (alleged) Russian interference that (allegedly) HARMED Clinton. (Known) Russian interference that HELPED Clinton was perfectly okay with the FBI.

All roads lead to denial of equal protection. Just seeing, confirming and reinforcing it from a fresh perspective.

ERpundit – 05/19/19