190215 Super Bowl was thrilling!

190215 Super Bowl was thrilling!

Several commentators have said they thought this low-scoring Super Bowl was boring and one of the worst ever.

Well, I found it thrilling.

Now, there have been a few low-scoring Super Bowls that I didn’t enjoy, where two unimaginative, plodding teams just looked inept on offense. But that’s not what happened here, as I see it. These were two potent and creative offenses who tried daring strategies to break through against inspired defenses that hardly anyone saw coming.

What made it thrilling was the suspense, prompted by disbelief. This wasn’t inept offense, it was brilliant defense winning the battle of wits and relentless execution. I was on the edge of my chair the whole game, wondering every series, “Can the defense really do it again? Is this the series where the offense breaks out? Can the defense really come up with another stop?”

The tension built steadily, as the odds of another stop kept dwindling. Surely the offense will break through next time, right?

Anyway, I found it thrilling – a magnificent battle of wits with mounting tension throughout. Congratulations to both defenses for valor.


ERpundit – 02/15/19

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