190215 Flouting Separation of Powers? WTF?

190215 Flouting Separation of Powers? WTF?

Linda Chavez takes Mr. Trump to task in today’s Townhall.com for “flouting separation of powers” by declaring the national emergency.


C’mon, Linda. He’s not seizing power as a dictator, for crying out loud! He’s faithfully executing the laws enacted by Congress (i.e., the National Emergencies Act which authorizes the President to declare a national emergency; that, in turn, activates certain emergency powers named in other statutes; among those are explicit authorization to move money around in the budget so as to fund military construction projects).

Linda, your disagreeing with Trump’s view of what is an emergency … does not make his view a flouting of the separation of powers. Be fair.

You should apologize, Linda. Trump is absolutely obeying the laws enacted by Congress.

If Congress doesn’t like it, they can pass a resolution of disapproval, and then override Trump’s veto of their resolution of disapproval. Until that occurs, they (by their own rules) are “DEEMED” to have consented to the executive action. You may remember that’s the rule Congress enacted (and damn near unanimously) for how Congress gives consent to an executive action, when Obama did the Iran nuclear deal.

Shame on you, Linda. I’ve often thought you made good points in your columns, but this time you’ve stepped over the line and written something very unfair … as well as factually untrue. You should apologize.


ERpundit – 02/15/19

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