110618 EV update on Cruz vs. Beto

110618 EV update on Cruz vs. Beto

Early voting results in Comal County, TX.

2012 U.S. Senate …   Ted Cruz         38k,   Paul Sadler     11k,   Other 2k

2014 TX Governor …   Greg Abbott     27k,   Wendy Davis     7k,   Other 1k

2016 U.S. President … Donald Trump 45k,   Hillary Clinton 14k,   Other 3k

2018 U.S. Senate …     Ted Cruz         35k,   Beto O’Rourke 13k, Other   –

Well, Cruz pretty much maintained his margin in the early vote, 72% vs. 74% last time. I think that means Republican enthusiasm pretty much matched that of the Democrats. Will update as soon as Comal County total results become known.


ERpundit – 11/06/18

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