092218 update on Cruz vs. Beto

092218 update on Cruz vs. Beto

Two weeks ago the yard-sign count in my neighborhood was 19-8 for Beto.  I knew Beto had started putting them out earlier than Cruz, but that still felt like an unusually large number of Beto signs.  Today I took another census and it’s now 34-27 for Cruz.

I still get the sense of much greater enthusiasm than usual among Democrats, but now I sense the response by Republicans, too.  We’re gearing up.

My own angst about whether to vote for Cruz has been decided by the Democrats’ sleazy attack on Kavanaugh.  I still want Ted Cruz to become much more effective than he has been, but it will be far better for the republic to have Cruz in office and us trying to help him become more effective … than to have a Democrat with absolutely no regard whatsoever for truth, duty or the rule of law.

Thank you, Diane Feinstein, Cory Booker, et. al., for reminding me so harshly and emphatically who the Democrats really are!


ERpundit  –  09/22/18

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