090618 Ted Cruz may be trailing Beto

090618 Ted Cruz may be trailing Beto

This is just anecdotal evidence, but here it is. Beto started putting out yard signs around here weeks ago. Now Cruz signs are going up. So today I drove around the neighborhood area where I go walking and got an actual count of each campaign’s yard signs. Several blocks in each direction around my home, a little over 200 homes in total. We’ve been noticing what felt like an unusually large number of Beto signs, so I wanted to compare.

Before I tell you the count, here’s background on our area. Comal County, TX is staunch Republican. Cruz carried our county in 2012 with 75% of the vote. In the 2016 primary, Cruz beat Trump here with 45% vs. 26%. Trump carried our county with 73% in the general election.

In 2016 I only remember seeing one Bernie yard sign in this area that I counted today. That house had a Beto sign today. And so did 18 other houses. Total count was Beto 19, Cruz 8.

My sense is that the Democrats are fired up, while (some) Republicans are lukewarm about Cruz. I’m in that boat myself. I think he’s been ineffective, and I haven’t made up my mind about what I’ll do.

The old argument about not giving away seats to the Democrats just doesn’t pack much punch for me anymore. In terms of outcomes, there’s no tangible difference between a Democrat who tramples our freedom and a Republican who does not fight effectively to preserve our freedom.

In both cases, our freedom continues to get trampled. And the angle about judicial appointments doesn’t pack much power, either; by the time a case wends it way through the system and reaches the Supreme Court, the policy at issue will have trampled our freedom for five years and the Court will feel obliged to declare that it’s established policy now and to overturn it would be too disruptive. Or maybe they’ll just remind us that Congress has the power to tax, and therefore anything goes.

I want Ted Cruz to be effective. He’s not getting there well enough to suit me. I’ve got a lot of hard studying to do before I decide how to vote.


ERpundit – 09/06/18

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