091118 First responders, let’s mount up and run TOWARD the fire!

091118 First responders, let’s mount up and run TOWARD the fire!

Here’s my latest approach to building support for the ER solution.

{  Updated as of 9/11/18  }


Both political parties have made it clear that they will only address this by forcing more pain down our throats – Raise Taxes or Cut Benefits. With reform efforts consistently stymied by all of the (often vicious) brainwashing and fear about Social Security and Medicare, as well as unfunded State and local pension liabilities, we need a way to break through the brainwashing and fear, to make it safe to have the conversation about fixing our unsustainable fiscal path.

Public employees running interference for ER will do that. So … what if Trump and public employees declare that “the way both political parties have run it, this is a terrible deal at both the federal, State and local levels” and then bring the ER solution forward as a way to secure the benefits promised to our public employees, without crushing everyone else with tax hikes? A huge Win-Win for everyone!

Both parties have long since taken public employees for granted. Democrats assume you’ve got nowhere else to go, Republicans assume you’re married to the Democrats … so neither one has bothered coming to you with a solution.   Partner with Trump to solve the problem, and show both parties that you will not be taken for granted, that you demand results for your votes.

You can easily get Trump to partner with you to get this done by eliminating the pain. You’ll remind people of why we already respect you – that first responders have the courage to run TOWARD the fire.

This time, the fire (of unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities, and the unsustainable fiscal path) threatens to consume our children and grandchildren. So mount up, first responders, and let’s run TOWARD the fire and rescue our children and grandchildren!


ERpundit – 09/11/18

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