080818 We want obedience

080818 We want obedience

Been getting inundated by requests for support from candidates and committees of all points along the political spectrum.  They still don’t get it.  We don’t care what letter goes in parentheses after someone’s name.  We don’t care what ideology someone says they are when they’re on the campaign trail.  We’ve been betrayed and lied to way too many times to put any credence in those shallow indicators.

No, what matters now is RESULTS.  PERFORMANCE.  And the PERFORMANCE we want to see is that you obey the consent of the governed.  You tell us in the campaign what you’re going to do.  We give you our consent by electing you.  Then you do what you said you would do.  You OBEY the consent of the governed.

That’s what 2016 was all about.  Not party, not ideology, but OBEDIENCE.  We rejected all the Presidential contenders (in both parties) who promised to have Washington keep right on refusing to obey the consent of the governed.  Trump wasn’t the only one in the Republican field who favored obeying the consent of the governed, but he was by far the toughest.  So we picked him as the toughest fighter we could hire to go kick Washington’s ass and make Washington OBEY the consent of the governed.

It ain’t rocket science, Washington.  If you want us to keep handing you paychecks, then OBEY.  We don’t need “genius” from our Representatives and Senators; we know how to solve the challenges we face.  What we need from our employees in Congress is OBEDIENCE.

So stop trying to sell us on your “genius”.  Just show us OBEDIENCE and we’ll support you.


ERpundit  –  08/08/18

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