072618 Could THIS be the reason for all the fuss about the Wikileaks DNC leaks?

072618 Could THIS be the reason for all the fuss about the Wikileaks DNC leaks?

Regular readers (all three of you) know that I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about the varied treatment of candidates in the 2016 campaign.  When it was FBI and DOJ doing the “treating”, I called it denying equal protection of the law.

Well, let’s look at the “treating” done by the media and see what we should call that.  If you asked the media what they do with respect to the American people, the conversation might go something like this:

“Well, we defend the public’s right to know.”

     “Does the public have a right to know lies?”

“Lies aren’t helpful; we strive to provide Americans with true information.”

     “Do you ever provide stolen information, such as leaks?”

“Well, yes we do.  If the information is true, then providing it is a valuable public service which enables the American people to make better decisions, avoid mistakes and hold their government accountable.”

Uh-huh.  Well, then, how in the hell is it a problem when Wikileaks does the same thing?  The lawsuit DNC filed against Trump admits the information was true.  So Wikileaks did exactly the same thing as the media:  provide the American people with stolen true information.

Yet the media insist that this act is a noble, valiant, impartial, wise, wonderful, courageous and valuable public service when they do it … but somehow an evil, sinister, grave threat to national security when their competitor does it.

Riiiiiiiiiight.  Could this whole thing just be a pissing contest because the media are angry that they got scooped by Wikileaks?  They’re angry that Wikileaks broke the story of Clinton and the DNC rigging the primaries, so they bad-mouth Wikileaks methods to deflect attention from the substance of the story?

It sure looks that way to me.  The people who self-righteously proclaim their own courage and noble service when they provide Americans with stolen true information … denounce the provision of stolen true information as evil when it is done by a competitor.

That doesn’t really fit into the category of denying equal protection of the law, so … I guess we’ll have to settle for calling it DPH behavior:  Deception, Propaganda and Hypocrisy.


ERpundit  –  07/26/18

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