072318 You can lead a horse to water …

072318 You can lead a horse to water …

On or about 6/19/18, I sent the file linked nearby to the 18 “fact-checking” organizations listed below.  In several cases, to multiple people at that organization.  Some went electronically, some went hard copy via regular mail.


To date, none have found the topic newsworthy.  At least, they haven’t responded to me with any follow-up.  Apparently, the people do not have a right to know, if the cause of their distress is stupidity by people with “good intentions”.  Stupidity by capitalists or conservatives or Christians … well, of course that’s front page news, of course the people have a right to know about those kinds of stupidity inflicting damage.

But stupidity by people with “good intentions” inflicting damage?  Nah, that’s not newsworthy, that would just confuse people and make them question the theme that big government guided by people with “good intentions” is helping them.

Here’s the list:




The Center for Public Integrity


Mother Jones

The Intercept

Real Clear Investigations

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.


Bill Dedman, NBC News

Tim Carney, Washington Examiner

Stephen Moore, The Washington Times

Western Journal



Glenn Kessler, The Fact Checker, Washington Post

That’s in addition to, of course, the thousands of elected officials, business people and think tank distinguished senior emeritus deputy under assistant associate visiting fellows in residence guest lecturers who have been led to the water but have not drunk.

UPDATED:  Just saw a post by Glenn Kessler and Meg Kelly of The Fact Checker, concluding that Trump comments on the Karen McDougall story weren’t factual.  So the fact-checkers think that claims of sex are newsworthy … but solutions for the unsustainable fiscal path are not.

Well, okay, glad we got their priorities understood now.


ERpundit  –  07/23/18

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