071418 Two Australians walk into a bar …

071418 Two Australians walk into a bar …

Hey, have you heard the one about two Australians walk into a bar … ?

Yeah, they both gave the bartender information revealing alleged election-rigging by a U.S. Presidential candidate.  One Aussie is hailed as a great friend who performed a noble, valiant, courageous public service helping America hold candidates accountable.

The other is denounced and persecuted as an enemy participating in an attack by a foreign power on the sovereignty of our electoral process.

Why are they treated differently?  Didn’t they both perform the same act?

Well, the first Aussie (the hero) provided information which helped Clinton.  And the second Aussie (the villain) provided information which hurt Clinton.

And their very different treatment is what passes for equal protection of the law at the hands of the FBI and DOJ, in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Aussie #1, of course, is Ambassador Downer to the United Kingdom.  He provided information about Papadopoulos (associated with the Trump campaign) to the State Department, information which wound up helping launch the Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

Aussie #2 is Julian Assange of Wikileaks, who provided information about Clinton and the Democrats rigging the primaries for Clinton.

Two foreign nationals provided information revealing alleged election-rigging by a U.S. Presidential candidate.  And both Aussies.  But wildly different treatment by FBI and DOJ.

If anyone says that the justification for investigating the Trump disclosures is that we “need to know” how campaigns are being conducted … well, ahem, doesn’t that also apply to the Clinton and DNC disclosures?  Don’t we “need to know” when a party is rigging elections?

Aussies disclosed information alleging that both U.S. Presidential candidates engaged in election-rigging.  But only one candidate got investigated for election-rigging.

Another stirring example of Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Mueller, and the rest of the Deep State’s dedicated, impartial public servants providing all citizens equal protection under the law.


ERpundit  –  07/14/18

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