061818 IG Report – cut him some slack

061818 IG Report – cut him some slack

We should cut the IG some slack.  He did a lot of work, and looks like it was done well and fairly.  His conclusion about political bias not driving investigative decisions might be correct if we understand the scope of his review.

Let’s say that he was strictly limited to just the Clinton e-mail server investigation for this review, and is similarly strictly limited to just the Russia collusion investigation for that review.  He might very well conclude that in neither case did political bias drive investigative decisions!  And he could be correct, strictly speaking.

For it is only in comparing the conduct of FBI in the two investigations that one sees the political bias.  For example, the President at the time commented on the investigation in both cases, and said he thought his friend hadn’t done anything wrong in both cases.  But the FBI Director responded in vastly different ways to the two comments.

Obama’s comment about Clinton triggered Comey drafting the exoneration letter for the President’s friend, while Trump’s comment about Flynn triggered Comey leaking memos to the media to spur a call for Special Counsel to investigate the President for obstruction of justice.

If the IG merely reviews each investigation in a vacuum, as stand-alone cases, he might well conclude that political bias didn’t drive investigative decisions.  We’ve got to make sure that he gets a third charge from the AG, that once he completes his “stand-alone” review of the Russia investigation … he then compares the conduct of the FBI in the two investigations to see if that reveals political bias driving investigative decisions.

It’s quite hard to imagine someone honestly carrying out such a comparison but finding no political bias!  Remember, his conclusion mentioned “no documentary evidence” that political bias drove investigative decisions.  Essentially, he’s saying that he didn’t find a written confession!  But when he compares the conduct of the FBI in the two investigations, the political bias is so obvious that the case is made even without a written confession.

So let’s cut the IG some slack for right now, acknowledging the strictly limited scope of his current reviews … and make sure he gets the third charge from the AG.


ERpundit  –  06/18/18

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