060318 Marriage

060318 Marriage

Thinking about marriage today.  Our son got married yesterday, and we’re two weeks away from our own 40th wedding anniversary.  When people ask how we did it, I like to answer “true love” and “pure stubbornness”, and my wife adds “grace”!

True love, including the love of Christ, to hold us together.

Pure stubbornness, to keep going when it’s tough – “We said we would do this, and we’re gonna do it!”

Grace, to help lessen the sting when we stumble and the going is tough, so that stubbornness has a better chance to keep us going and true love has a better chance to shine through!

It’s a wonderful journey together.  Not the “40 years of uninterrupted bliss” that I proclaim with grinning tongue-in-cheek, but still a wonderful, amazing journey full of joy and growth.


ERpundit  –  06/03/18

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