060118 Answer to Jonah Goldberg

060118 Answer to Jonah Goldberg

Today’s Townhall.com offered a piece by Jonah Goldberg which likened our concern about the Deep State to the era of McCarthyism and its concern about communists.  Goldberg asserts that at least McCarthyism had a real enemy, whereas he thinks the Deep State is largely just a made-up boogeyman to provide an excuse for us dupes adoring Trump as victim-saint-martyr.

Here’s what we think you don’t see, Mr. Goldberg:  three aspects of the tyranny of the Deep State which are designed, in the words of our Declaration of Independence, to “reduce {us} under absolute Despotism”:

  1. Refusing to obey the consent of the governed (if you actually need suggestions to help prompt your search for this, then please consider Obamacare and immigration);
  2. Protecting Deep Staters with a double standard (if this isn’t already obvious to you, then suggestions won’t help penetrate a closed mind);
  3. Abusing their power to intimidate the governed into silence (again, if this isn’t already obvious to you, then suggestions won’t help penetrate a closed mind).

The only real difference between the communists and the Deep State is how soon the State produces a gun to command obedience and silence the governed.  With the communists, the soldier with a gun was quickly available to stomp out dissent; it didn’t take very long for the State to resort to guns.

With the Deep State, the guns are somewhat distant, as several layers of increasingly punitive regulators and bureaucrats administer the intimidation and silencing.  But the guns are there, Mr. Goldberg, and they have been and are being used.  Or do you think that those who arrest people and put them in jail in furtherance of the double standard are not carrying guns?

How about this deal, Mr. Goldberg?  If you genuinely don’t see what we see, then write a column enlightening us, please.  And be specific.  Point out to us how the consent of the governed has been scrupulously obeyed with Obamacare and immigration … but we backward folk somehow missed the scrupulous obedience to our instructions.  Point out to us how Washington insiders and outsiders are meticulously treated the same way under the law … but we backward folk somehow missed the meticulous provision of equal protection.  And point out to us how dissent is welcomed, how the Deep State cherishes the input of the governed … but we backward folk somehow missed the Deep State welcoming our input.  Please show us those things, so we can correct our deeply flawed and backward viewpoint.

Failing that, perhaps you would then correct your own?

OMG, it just hit me:  “Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, ignorant, uneducated, deplorable, hate-filled, war-mongering, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals clinging to their guns and Bibles” … those are terms of endearment, but we backward folk just aren’t sophisticated enough to realize it!  That’s how the Deep State has been welcoming our input, but we backward folk are just so unfit and incompetent that we don’t grasp the nuances of Washington hospitality.  That must be it.  Right, Mr. Goldberg?


ERpundit  –  06/01/18

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