052718 De-ratify the 16th Amendment

052718 De-ratify the 16th Amendment

In the category of how States can rein in the federal government … what if five States rescinded their ratification of the 16th Amendment?  That would bring the count of States ratifying from 42 down to 37, at which point the amendment is no longer ratified by three-fourths of the States and would therefore no longer be valid as part of the Constitution.

There would be the expected hue and cry, but if we had a President and Secretary of State who said they would obey these votes as the law of the land, then the income tax would be dead.  Taking the receipts side of the federal budget off autopilot might help focus their attention on being responsible with their spending.

As for the hue and cry … well, wait a minute.  If State laws on abortion, marriage, health insurance, etc. can be rescinded and changed, then a State law on whether to ratify a Constitutional amendment can likewise be rescinded and changed.

If the U.S. Congress won’t conduct business responsibly, then we’ll take power away from them by whatever means are at our disposal!  We’ve asked nicely, many times.  We’ve won elections, which Obama said was the prerequisite to making policy.  Yet they still refuse to obey the consent of the governed.  Well, okay then, we’ll have to find ways to get the job done that don’t require permission from Congress.


ERpundit  –  05/27/18

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