052118 Reality check

052118 Reality check

I don’t mean to be pessimistic, I’m trying to be helpful in pointing out the reality that if we keep doing the same thing in the same way, then we’ll keep getting the same result.  The “thing” we’re talking about today is trying to hold on to a Republican majority in the Senate.  The “result” we keep getting is failure to put through solutions.

We face several systemic forces which thwart solutions; and maintaining a Republican majority in the Senate isn’t going to get the job done.  We have to address all five items:

  1. Rules of the Senate
  2. Need for speed
  3. Strongholds elsewhere
  4. Judicial usurpation
  5. Willingness to fight

With the staggered terms in the Senate and the current rules, we cannot expect to replace enough Senators quickly enough to be able to implement solutions – the delay while we go through several election cycles will discourage enough voters so that we won’t hold their support.  For example, even if Republicans pick up five seats in November and show a nominal strength of 56 … at least eight of those 56 will still be “weak” or “RINO” and cannot be counted on to fight, or even stand firm.  With a fighting strength of just 48, we won’t get anything done.  How, then, would we hold support into the next cycle?

We have a dire need for speed – a massive revolution amongst the voters to renounce both parties and elect regular Americans who will actually solve these problems.  Changing a few seats won’t work, we’d still be thwarted by the Senate rules.  We need a revolution at the ballot box, to change all 34 Senate seats up for election this November.

Those who want to block solutions and violate the consent of the governed, no longer even need legislative power.  They exert control over our society through their strongholds in bureaucracy, judiciary, academia and media.  It is sufficient for them to just get a “do nothing” from the legislature, which enables them to continue exerting control through their four strongholds.

Judicial usurpation of the legislative power, in particular, is a huge obstacle.  At some point, just about all of the solutions involve the governed saying, “No, we won’t” to something.  If one smart-ass lawyer can persuade one dumb-ass judge to decree, “Oh, yes, you WILL”, then our solutions are undone.  We must purge the judiciary so that we have only judges and justices who will uphold the laws which are consented to by the governed.

Which brings us to the willingness to fight.  Since the destruction of our freedom continues from the four strongholds, it’s not enough to just prevent a Democrat majority in the legislature.  We must fill the legislature with fighters who will boldly, jubilantly, ruthlessly, vigorously, unabashedly, gleefully, triumphantly, innovatively and relentlessly apply the legislative power to tear down the strongholds, drive out the “rapists” and destroy the tools they have been using.

I use the term “rapists” to evoke a memory from my early teenage years in Houston, TX.  We heard news that a woman had been gang-raped and stomped to death on the street in broad daylight in New York City, with a crowd watching.  We were outraged, knowing that if we had been there we would have tried to stop it.  What the hell were the people thinking who just watched and let it happen?

That’s a great picture of what has been happening in the political arena for decades:  our freedom has been getting gang-raped and stomped to death … while the Republicans we elected just stand by and watch it happen.  Those ineffective Republicans have been able to twist our arms into voting for them by arguing, “Hey, if you don’t vote for us then you’ll be putting the rapists in charge.”

That worked for a while, but now we realize that the rapists are already in charge from their other strongholds.  They don’t need control of the legislature, they just need “do nothing” from the legislature and they continue to exert control through the strongholds.  So our only path to restoring freedom by peaceful means is to put fighters into the legislature who will apply the legislative power to stop the rapists.

And that’s what you see occurring in the Republican Party now:  the struggle between those who want to keep on just standing by and letting it happen … vs. those who want to fiercely apply the legislative power to stop the rape and murder of our freedom.

It ain’t good enough to just have (R) after their name; they’ve got to be willing to fight for us!

We elected a fighter to the executive branch in 2016.  Now we’ve got to do the same in the legislative branch in 2018!


ERpundit  –  05/21/18

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