051718 Reminder about ER efforts

051718 Reminder about ER efforts

We’ve been trying everything we can to advance the ER solution.  Writing to the President and Members of Congress, corporate leaders, think tanks, teaching continuing education classes to CPAs, and so on.  Tens of thousands of attempts over 43 years.

My kids have told me, “Don’t give up, Dad!”

My friends have tried everything, too.  They’re not giving up.  And they would have stopped me if they had seen a deal-killer flaw in the ER solution.  Some of them have been in on it since the beginning in 1975, at Washington & Lee University.  No one has found a reason why this won’t work.

Plenty of obstacles to getting it enacted, that’s for sure.  Lots of resistance from APOW – they don’t want the nation’s problems solved.  But no reason it won’t work if we do enact it.  So please try, in your own circle of influence.

Ask your Representative and Senators to introduce a bill so we can get people talking about it.  Tell your newspaper about it.  Tell your social media network about it.  Tell your friends who work in health care about it.  And remember, you’re not doing this for me – you’re doing it to recover your $1.4 million which Congress took out of our retirement plan, you’re doing it so you can make them put your $1.4 million back into your family’s retirement accounts!


ERpundit  –  05/17/2018

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