050718 Immigration: the love story and framework for the solution

050718 Immigration: the love story and framework for the solution

Most details of the solution will come in a future post.  Today we’ll describe the love story and the framework for the solution.  Picture the predominant lifestyle of mankind as being passengers on a ship called Poverty, which is sinking.  There is a rescue ship available, called Prosperity, but to reach it we must launch lifeboats and do the work of rowing across to Prosperity.

We Americans have launched our lifeboat and made many trips across to Prosperity already, ferrying many other passengers along with us.  The tool used to lower the lifeboats is a special crank called “Freedom and Rule of Law, under God”.  We showed everybody how to use it when we lowered the American lifeboat, and we returned the tool to its proper place on the wall by the lifeboats.  There’s no secret.  The tool is available to everyone.

But we’ve got a bunch of passengers jumping into the water and trying to climb into our lifeboat.  We’re telling them we can’t take any more right now, it will swamp the lifeboat and all will drown.  Let us take this load over to Prosperity, and then we’ll come back and get another load (legal immigration).  In the meantime, you passengers in the water can get your friends up on deck to use the tool and lower their own lifeboats.

And that’s the love story.  Opposing illegal entry isn’t racist, it’s just tough love.  We’re not denying anyone access to a lifeboat.  There is an unlimited supply of lifeboats up on deck, and the tool needed to lower them is right there in plain view.  We’re just saying that our lifeboat is full to the brim right now and cannot take on any more passengers.  They can lower their own lifeboat, or wait for ours to come back for another trip, but we will not allow them to swamp our lifeboat and drown us all.

And to those who protest that it would be difficult for other people to launch a lifeboat, that they are in tough circumstances … hey, read your history.  Read the Declaration of Independence.  The people who launched the American lifeboat were in damn tough circumstances, too.  If you want to enjoy the blessings of liberty, then man up and do the work necessary to produce those blessings.  We don’t have to drown just because you want the easy ride.  We’ve shown you how to lower a lifeboat; what you do with that knowledge is your choice.  And you will receive the consequences of the choice you make.

The framework for a solution is to bear in mind that there are three competing values which all have strong support and need to be honored or we won’t gather enough votes to take action.  The three are:

  1. Border security
  2. Rule of Law
  3. American dream

The challenge is that each value’s “all-or-nothing” solution tends to harm (or at least do nothing to advance) the other two values.  The Wall for border security doesn’t help rule of law, and probably harms the American dream for some.  Deportation for rule of law doesn’t secure the border, and crushes the American dream for many.  Amnesty for the American dream doesn’t secure the border and vaporizes the rule of law.

So we cannot do only one of the three varieties of “all-or-nothing”, we must craft a solution that honors each value enough so that we build a consensus.  More soon in another post.


ERpundit  –  05/07/2018

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