042518 Shouldn’t the New York Times leak of Trump’s tax return also have been investigated?

042518 Shouldn’t the New York Times leak of Trump’s tax return also have been investigated?

This comes under the heading of OPPORTUNITY in the triad of MOTIVE – MEANS – OPPORTUNITY.  Does the government’s theory of the case establish probable cause that Russia had OPPORTUNITY to steal the Democrats’ e-mails and files?

Well, gee … actually, no the government cannot say that.  Why not?  Because they never examined the evidence.  They never examined the DNC server.  They looked at a report prepared by the DNC (through consultants referred by Perkins Coie – the sponsors of the Steele dossier).  That report said it looked like the Russians did it.  President Obama dutifully had SEVENTEEN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES!!! parade through the exhibition hall, while solemnly nodding their heads and stroking their chins, proclaiming that, “Why, yes, indeed, based on this report it does look like the Russians did it!”

The media then dutifully performed their own assigned role and bombarded America with a steady drumbeat of “SEVENTEEN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES AGREE THAT RUSSIA DID IT!!!”

Nope, they agreed on no such thing.  They agreed that the report handed to them by the sponsors of the Steele dossier contained words saying that it looked like the Russians did it.  There was no examination of original evidence by any of the SEVENTEEN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES!!!

But let’s cut ‘em some slack, okay?  When the stolen data was published in July, the FBI did not yet have any indication that foreign actors might be involved.  So maybe it didn’t seem a big priority to go examine the evidence themselves; it wasn’t seen as a “grave threat to national security” at that point.

Okay, fair enough.  But by early August – after the DNC had kept investigators away from the crime scene for five weeks while preparing the report – the FBI was alerted that foreign actors were thought to be involved and it was a “grave threat to national security.”  So from that point on, the FBI would have been on the lookout, scouring the landscape for any sign of further effort by foreign actors to interfere with our presidential election.

Well, then, it certainly should have caught their attention when the very same M.O. was displayed in October with the NYT publication of Trump’s tax return!  Theft of information, which was then published by a news organization, revealing confidential information about a Presidential candidate.  That’s the exact M.O. used by the foreign actors whose alleged effort to interfere in our election was deemed a “grave threat to national security.”  Yet, when slapped in the face by this same M.O. in prime time with a national audience, the supposedly-on-high-alert FBI did … nothing.

Again, just as with MEANS, our evaluation of the government’s behavior around OPPORTUNITY leads inexorably to the conclusion that this is just a political witch hunt.  Either there was not a “grave threat to national security” or there was not equal protection of the law.  Both choices say it’s a witch hunt.


ERpundit  –  04/25/2018

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