042118 Welcome to ERpundit – I’m glad you’ve come!

042118 Welcome to ERpundit – I’m glad you’ve come!

I’ll try to point out things that I haven’t seen anyone else mention regarding political events, with the ultimate purpose of persuading my fellow Americans of what we need to do in order to rescue ourselves from the unsustainable fiscal path.

Not the financial theory or how-to … just explore this site to see how easy it is to implement the ER solution.  No, what I’ll be blogging about is generally the political obstacles that we must overcome in order to get solutions enacted, plus some innovative suggestions about how to do it.

I think there is compelling evidence supporting the following conclusion:

“For a number of decades now, Washington has organized our political system to block solutions and let the problems get worse … so that Washington can hand out more and more cash to more and more people … making the problems even worse … which creates more demand for Washington to get bigger … and repeat the cycle.”

By the way, this isn’t partisan.  Both parties have done this.  Both are guilty of refusing to obey the consent of the governed.  That’s what we need to overcome, and that’s the purpose of this blog.



ERpundit  –  04/21/2018

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