042118 Dems complain true info hurts their chances

042118 Dems complain true info hurts their chances

By filing the lawsuit against Trump, et. al., the Democrat Party puts themselves on record – and under oath – as admitting that the information published by Wikileaks was true.  Stolen, but true.  It was the Democrats’ thoughts, words, plans and intentions … not fake news planted by anyone else.

So by claiming that this hurt their election chances … the Democrats are admitting that it hurts their chances when American voters are provided with true information.  Wow.  That is an extraordinary admission, if we governed will only have the wit to use it.

And, just in the interest of fair play, let’s remember that the New York Times published Trump’s tax return … which was also stolen information.  Tax returns are confidential, and he didn’t release his.  So both candidates got the benefit of this sequence of events:  theft of information, which is then published by a news organization, revealing confidential information about a Presidential candidate.

Trump’s tax return was the subject of questions at the Presidential debates, and Clinton went on at length surmising, supposing and speculating all manner of vile and sinister things that might be indicated by the data in Trump’s tax return.

That sure looks like a fair fight to me, with both candidates getting the benefit of this exact same sequence of events.  It was still ugly, but at least it was a fair fight.

Here are a few teaser questions I’ll leave you with, to be delved into in future posts.  These bear on the propriety of decision-making around launching the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

  1. How can it be a crime to provide American voters with true information?
  2. Wouldn’t that mean the entire media – plus everyone who has ever run for office – would need to be put in prison for committing this crime?
  3. If the tax return theft was done by, say, Iranians hacking the IRS and stealing our tax data, then giving Trump’s data to NYT in an effort to help Clinton … wouldn’t that be every bit the same “grave threat to national security” as Russians allegedly hacking Democrats to help Trump?
  4. And, therefore, shouldn’t the New York Times leak of Trump’s tax return have been investigated just as vigorously as the Wikileaks leak of Democrat e-mails and files?


ERpundit  –  04/21/2018

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