010819 Common ground

010819 Common ground

Well, I’m sure it will surprise them to learn this, but Chuck and Nancy provided the common ground that can lead to a solution. They said we shouldn’t harm innocent people over a policy disagreement. Exactly. Trump agrees.

There are two categories of innocents being harmed. In Category (D), some federal employees and recipients of some services are being harmed by delaying paychecks and delivery of services. In category (R), some people are being murdered and sexually assaulted.

The Democrats passionately want Category (D) to stop being harmed. Trump passionately wants Category (R) to stop being harmed. Well, then, do BOTH!

Since Nancy and Chuck introduced the concept of morality into this debate by calling Trump’s position immoral … how can they possibly justify continuing to harm Category (R) of innocents while the Democrats continue to disagree with Trump over policy?

If harming innocents is immoral, then the Democrats have to stop harming BOTH categories of innocents, right? Do the deal, Nancy and Chuck – you’re going to lose the morality argument, so just do the deal and stop the harming of innocents.

ERpundit – 01/08/19

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