What is the ER train?

The ER Train works by diverting revenue streams – YOUR revenue streams – away from wasteful government management and into a Retirement-Plan funding method.

At the same retirement age as Social Security and Medicare, the life insurance industry and public employee pension plans would charge 2.50% of covered payroll to provide these benefits.

Congress, though, takes 30% of covered payroll to provide these benefits (income taxes are used to pay for Medicare, on top of our 15.3% payroll tax). That’s the 12:1 waste factor, 30% vs. 2.5%.  It is already scheduled to become a 23:1 waste factor, with the sum of cost rates rising to 57% of covered payroll by 2080.

Once converted to the Retirement-Plan funding method, the cash to pay our benefits…comes from our portfolio! Just as a retirement plan should operate.

All we need do is manage our liquidity, as the life insurance industry and public employee pension plans have done safely and successfully for centuries. If we just do what we say we’re going to do with the money (keep Congress’ hand out of the cookie jar), the market will easily provide the liquidity we need.


How will this help me?

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The Train conductor

A graduate of Washington & Lee University, Davis served as an infantry officer with the 1st Cavalry Division. In 37 years as a CPA in both regional and Big 8 firms, as owner of his own firm and then corporate Controller and CFO roles, his teams have won 17 national awards across five different industries.

The ER solution has been briefed to Congress (twice, 1981 and 2008); approved by the Republican Party of Texas State Convention and much more…


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America does not have a low savings rate …
we just suffer a hideous embezzlement rate! Stop the embezzlement, and we will immediately enjoy the fruits of our abundant savings rate.

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